Artist, Piercer: Scott "aka" Meho



Tattooing and piercing are my specialty. In 1993, I started my apprenticeship for piercing at Wolf’s Fine Line Tattoo. When my training was completed, I was hired as the lead piercer. In the years to follow, I pursued a second piercing apprenticeship at Chicago Body Mod where I specialized in fetish piercings. During this time, I started an additional apprenticeship for tattooing with a close friend. As I finished both apprenticeships, a position opened for me to tattoo and pierce at a local tattoo shop. Upon moving back to Morris in 2012, I took a position at Audacious Ink as lead piercer and part time tattoo artist.




Color pieces are my specialty. Bold lines and bright contrasting colors make my tattoos a step above the rest. Come see me sometime, I’m looking forward to meeting you.


Facebook: Scott Miller

Instagram: mehotat2