Artist: Ramon


Drawing has been my passion since early childhood. My talent was discovered when I started drawing portraits for my teachers in high school. The love for tattoo blossomed shortly after.



I am a self-taught tattoo artist. After six years of working with Wolf’s Fine Line in Joliet, I decided to become a fulltime tattoo artist and turn my dream into a reality. In 2012 I opened Audacious Ink Tattoo in Morris, where a group of my close friends and I started providing high quality tattoos for the area.



My tattoo style and ability include Realism, Portrait, Flash, New School, Black and Gray, and Bright Color. I consider myself a Blue Collar artist serving the community with any design that could be turned into an amazing piece of living art. “Tattoo the planet, one tattoo at a time.”


Facebook: Ramon Valdivia

Instagram: ramon_valdivia


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